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Friday 13 May 2011

Stirling joins CampingF1 at the 2011 British Grand Prix | www.stirlingmoss.com

Stirling joins CampingF1 at the 2011 British Grand Prix | www.stirlingmoss.com

Legend Sir Stirling visiting CampingF1 2011
Sir Stirling joined CampingF1 guests on Sunday morning of the British Grand Prix for a stage talk and Q&A session.

Wednesday 4 May 2011

Grand Prix Camping at Monza with CampingF1

The prestigious Italian Grand Prix held at Monza is quite possibly one of the most popular races that we attend. Visitors from all across Europe head toward Milan for the Monza race joining the Tifosi who provide Formula One with some of its most iconic images, a sea of red fills the grandstands at the circuit in support of the Scuderia Ferrari team and drivers. There's not many sports that will allow the seating of various fan bases in the same area, understandably football matches have separate entrances, not in F1 however, but the chances of being sat next door to anything other than a Ferrari Fan at Monza is pretty slim!

Camping with us at our Monza site is a relaxing affair, set in the grounds of the Ristorante Venus on Via Lambo we have fantastic catering options supplied by Venus. A function room that spans the entire basement of the apartments and restaurant, and all set in the most wonderful part of Monza. Our neighbours are quite famous to, Silvio Burlesconi's house is less than 100m from the site and as you can imagine this provides us with some fairly comprehensive security guards! 

Monza circuit is 26kms North of Milan. Canonica Macherio train station is 2 minutes from the campsite giving a 1 stop strategy to reach the circuit. On Saturday evening we'll be providing coaches to Milan for the F1 Rocks party, this is in replacement of our live music line up, let's be honest Jamiroquai in Milan F1 Rocks and free coaches? Don't miss it!

For the guests remaining on the campsite you can enjoy and evening of fine dining at the restaurant and perhaps a bottle or two from the great wine cellar of Venus. Either way, camp with us during the Italian Grand Prix and you'll be in one of the best campsites that we have.